When I make a painting I like to use high quality materials in the construction process. 


For oil's I use Holbein extra fine oil colors working from primary colors and mixing for the desired color. I use Poppy oil for thinning and extending out the paint. I use pre-bought canvas and when I stretch my own lumber, I go with linen.

Art statement


When I'm walking through a forest landscape, I find myself centered and inspired.  These unique moments drift my way, and I feel a connection to the infinite that is inherently ineffable.  I want to bring this feeling out of the woods - I want to transmit the sense of expansive connection that is stirring even from a mere moment in place and time in the forest - even from many of the things we often quickly pass by.  In my oil paintings, I invite others to feel a new kind of personal connection through art, and hopefully a new kind of connection with the groves and forest systems surrounding us.  I feel, however naively, that our future lies in the unadulterated, unspoiled forest - if we can learn to do less management and more mindful observation, we can immerse ourselves in forest of unpredictable beauty.  Breath in, and connect.

Schools of Study

Ringling School of Art and Design Sarasota, Florida (BFA illustration)

Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Ireland (landscape painting)

Contact: 50a Long point rd N.Ferrisburgh Vt 05473

Email: matpardue@gmail.com

Complete List of Recent Work: http://mothandashes.deviantart.com/

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Past Art Statements


I am a painter of the oddities that belong to the deep woods, of the borders of fields where the weeds grow unhindered, of lone trees growing in a way unique unto itself, and the gardens of vegetables and flowers built for the community. I want to paint places of sublime and delicate power, places where anyone can lose themselves to these nodes of reverence. In the deep woods there are places of energy where the entire essence of the forest condenses onto itself, like a growing alter that is fully connected to the infinite. I want to paint that. On and around the fields that border roads, streams and buildings, are barriers that divide one place to another, and through these borders wildness leaks out. I want to paint that. Standing alone, often in a field are large ancient trees twisting themselves tall, towering over grasses into the sky. They’re unhindered and free to grow without competition nor compromise. I want to paint that. Peppered all over Vermont and New England are community gardens full of vegetables, flowers and weeds, bursting from the scared tilled earth. Plants given unusual amount of attention and care, grow in neat rows next to plants equally neglected by their neighbor. I want to paint that.


About Artistic Communication 


Nature has a way of creating moments of rapture which is an impossible feeling to convey directly. The only hope an artist has is to create a painting that is entirely different, using the foundation nature has given, to continue the infinite leaving the viewer in rapture. In this regard, art like life, is a mystery into itself. It is a way to study the infinite world however finite are perspectives are, a way to open up. To lay down paint that continues and extends the conversation between the subject and painter, then the painter to the viewer. Art is the construct of the artist, completely primordial, without form, and without meaning until the artist sets it in paint. It is important to disregard the alchemical process of the painting defined, as in, not to paint the communication of a communication of a feeling, where as losing the viewer in the dogma of process. But to paint within a chord with the subject, the artist, the paint, the process, the viewer, and the environment throughout time. I don’t want to define art, but I want to un-define it... setting art free. 


2013-2014 My ultimate goal is to paint landscapes equally proportionate to the current feelings of my mood. So that as I step away from the canvas I see just as much of myself in the work as I do the actual target image, in the hopes of having the viewer (you)  reach a genuine emotional response.

2012-2013 "Three Winters Show" Mathew Pardue's ultimate goal in oil painting is to understand the relationship between what is seen within the landscape and evoking a genuine feeling in the viewer. This is done by understanding the inner landscape of the artist and how the viewer's eye feels each layer of the oil paintings.

Each oil painting is painted at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne Vermont were Mathew is also employed as a cook at the Inn. As a cook there is an understanding of how flavors unfold on the tongue, and this is true to how the eye perceives paintings. Each layer of painting is constructed with the idea that the eye melts into the painting, absorbing content and details creating a meal for the eyes.

2012 "The 18 Show" The eighteen is a group of oil paintings on canvas, eighteen in number, that was painted from February 15th through April 15th. All new work showcasing experimental techniques that I have been developing and fine tuning. During the months of February, March and April are the hardest months to live in Vermont, leaving most people with a decrepit taste in their soul. This group of paintings are about finding the interesting elements and tiding oneself over until spring finally erupts out. All the images are from my experiences with Shelburne Farms from hiking, working in the kitchen during the summer, and just setting up the easel and then paintings what is in front of me. Although I would admit not the most elegant of a theme for a group of paintings, I believe there is beauty in personal struggle. I hope you enjoy the work....

2011 I love to paint. I hope that it's showing in the work. Each painting is of a real place and is painted throughout the summer and through winter to March of this year. Many are started and finished in the field, or finished in the studio. As a painter I'm on a path of mastery, with each painting I make mistakes and learn. It maybe a long time until I reach that goal, so I hope you as the viewer can enjoy the early stages of my development.

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