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When I'm walking through a forest landscape, I find myself centered and inspired.  These unique moments drift my way, and I feel a connection to the infinite that is inherently ineffable.  I want to bring this feeling out of the woods - I want to transmit the sense of expansive connection that is stirring even from a mere moment in place and time in the forest - even from many of the things we often quickly pass by.  In my oil paintings, I invite others to feel a new kind of personal connection through art, and hopefully a new kind of connection with the groves and forest systems surrounding us.  I feel, however naively, that our future lies in the unadulterated, unspoiled forest - if we can learn to do less management and more mindful observation, we can immerse ourselves in forest of unpredictable beauty.  Breath in, and connect.

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"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness" - John Muir

The forest and I are inseparable, I was born in it. This collection of work brings out the connection that I feel and places that moment inside on a wall for it to resonate the wildness into daily life.

Twisted Birch at Edge of Field
Three Fallen Beech Trees
Yellow Birch Stump on Rock Pile
Mossy Stump with Yellow Wax Cap Mushroom
Appalachian Autumn Movement
When Pine Tree Dream of Blue Sky
Hollowed Birch Stump Filled with Moss in October
A Symphony of Forest Flowers
Fallen Birch Microcosm
Lily of the Valley with Sawed Stump
Fallen Birch
Birch Stump with Rays of Light
Birch Stump with Forest Seedlings
Splitting Boulders
Autumn Forest Crossroads
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"Earth laughs in Flowers" - Emerson

Grids, human patterns, and cultivation, the push back at the perceived chaos. Our sense of order blemished with weeds that sneak up between posts, rocks and fences. A fleeting moment of control.

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"If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water" - Loren Eiseley

Water is Life. We live and yearn to be with this element. Cool liquid water is a mecca for animals and human civilization.

St. Johns Wort on Boulder Island
7 Streams and a Day Dream #1
7 Streams and a Day Dream #2
When the Lilies Mimic the Clouds
Pine Tree Over Indian Summer Marsh
Sanctum of Moss
Wondering Summer Cloud
Standing at the Mirrors Edge in Late September
The Last Minute of Spring
The Forest Edge of a Beaver Pond
The Stoic Lives of Sycamores
Waiting to Sail.
Anchored Canadian Boat
View from K.P's Chair
7 Streams and a Day Dream #3
7 Streams and a Daydream #4
7 Streams and a Daydream
7 Streams and a Day Dream #6
7 Streams and a Day Dream #7
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"There was a brief silence, I think I heard snow falling" -Erich Segal

Slumber, sleep, rest, and dormancy, the environment waits.

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