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As an artist, there are some pesky questions that need to be answered, one being “what is it that I’m trying to accomplish in my work?” As with all simple questions, the answers are usually complex. This statement is of no exception, and with each iteration of me trying to find the definition, the answer becomes more concentrated and direct. 


The oil paintings I create are about building a vibrational resonance that flows through all layers of paint, so that it bubbles with life similar to that of sitting in the forest and experiencing the ineffable infinite. It is through the creation, or recreation of these moments through layers of paint that it is my hope to make the viewer have spontaneous pareidolia when experiencing the work within any setting the work is displayed. The more time spent in front of the canvas the more that is seen. Nature is the same way. It is widely known that our mind and its subconscious is versatile in prediction, grafting experience over perceived reality. I want to play with this perception and recreate an ecstatic truth, creating an echo of exchange, between me the artist and you the viewer, to invoke ecstatic emotional memory. 


So, that was pretty dense. So, here is a more laid back question. What is my favorite thing about my finished paintings and why do I think you need to buy and acquire it? 


The oil painting is alive. It has a presence. Through out the day, as the light moves, the paint will catch and cast shadows, reflecting and refracting light. Placed in a different room, in different lighting, it will change. Dynamic light will create dynamic shadows, soft light, soft shadows. Play and adjust to your liking.

Pardue_Autumn Forest Crossroads.jpg

About The Artist

Born 1976, raised in the back woods of New York off the Appalachian trail. Graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in 2000. Studied landscape painting in Ballyvaughan Ireland. Moved to Vermont in 2005 to explore the forest systems and country landscape through oil paint. 

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